Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I love my life.

So. I might at some point blog about something other than how awesome my life is. But I feel like I've had a really great run this last month or so. And that doesn't always happen. And I've got to make the most of it.

Monday. Started early and angry. I, naively, promised my family that I'd stake out a spot on the parade route. How hard could defending some curb space be? But ke vs. the sleep-deprived rugby player and ke vs. the couch-toting dad are not fights you want to see. Or not fights I wanted to see at least. Then my family started coming, which was great and helpful, but my family is not a morning family and I wasn't sure how to handle two handfuls of grumpy kids and my siblings uncertain of how we'd all fit in my little I took off. While I was off wandering gorgeous 4th of July Provo (and breaking my Diet Coke fast. It was entirely, deeply, nauseatingly worth it) Rachel and Jeremy took on the couch-toting dad and I came back to happy kids and a comfy chair and my mom passing around blueberry-lemon french toast casserole. With fluffy whip. Yum. And the parade was great. And my friends came by which I loved. Love.

Then a good chat with Annie and Maren. Then a nap.

Then I woke up an entirely new girl. I want to learn things! And be succesful! And squeeze all possible awesomeness out of this gorgeous summer!

So I planned my week and graded some papers.

Then FHE took place in canoes and a kayak (I love firsts. Kayaking? Check.) The sun was going down and we were dowsed in bug spray and the river was deep and calm and with the trees I felt like I was jungle cruising somewhere. Just incredibly beautiful and peaceful. Then I convinced a friend to go swimming at Campus Plaza in our (my) clothes. Then I went to bed.

I feel like I've always been a proponent of summer in Provo, but summer in Provo has never really worked out. Either I'm working jobs that I hate (catering+EFY anyone?) or kissing boys all night every night (=guilty, tired, grumpy summers) or have too much unstructured time and things go poorly. This summer, though, is so great so far.

Anyway. We should probably play some time.

Loves, ke.


  1. Did you say blueberry-lemon french toast casserole?? That sounds like heaven! You could have stopped right there and I would have thought that was a beautiful, beautiful day. Glad to read that was only the beginning!

  2. I LOVE your parade fight story. I never knew that emotions ran so high for the parade in Provo!

  3. need that casserole, have a new death story...involving kayaking, am still trying to wrap my head around you working EFY...

    also, swimming in clothes is the best!