Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have feelings

about food blogs. Not all of them. If you're a good photographer, for instance, then your food blog is probably great. Because pretty food is always a good idea. But it's hard to describe food in an engaging way. Mmm. It was delicious. Struggle.

That being said. Sometimes I absolutely delight myself. Like right now. And my dinner guest hasn't joined me yet. And if I don't tell someone about how smart I am I'm probably going to explode. So this is me food-blogging it up:

Zucchini stuffed with Moroccan-style red lentils and quinoa (so cinnamon, tumeric, cumin, plus the zucchini middle, sweet potato and onion and tomato) and topped with a masa-garlic crumble? And I'm going to spritz it with a lemon I stole from my roommate who is in Peru (and you can't blame a girl for stealing a lemon. I'll replace it)?

Radish-apple-onion salad dressed with green-curry-coconut-milk?

Mmm. It was delicious. (Or rather. I can only imagine this is going to go well.)

Thanks for indulging me.



  1. I don't mean to disagree, but you talk about food almost every other post on your blog. Also your profile pick for your blog is you offering a bowl to us the viewer. I like to imagine it is your delicious chicken noodle soup. So, yeah. Maybe you should have a food blog, or just continue writing like you have been and call it a food blog. :)

  2. Interesting. You might have a point here.

  3. And by the way, maybe it's just because I cook and stuff, but that sounded delicious. Even the dishes that contain ingrediants that I don't particularly care for.