Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best of the Week

This week I've been thinking about my thesis. Or rather I've been rethinking my thesis. A couple of new people asked me what it's about and, in explaining to them, I got back to some fundamentals.

I'm interested in wandering. I'm interested in home.

It's weird to me that everything always comes back to a cluster of themes, no matter what I'm studying or thinking about. Wandering. Home. Connection/sublimation/unity. Which are all, of course, related and maybe all have something to do with God and his love and how we relate to him. Maybe?

So I talked to my committee chair about the changes and she was very enthusiastic. My thesis isn't going to be one that changes the world and I'm ok with that. I'm excited I get to write about things that interest me entirely.

And it's going to be a sort of intense week--I had a goal to finish my prospectus by the beginning of August and if I push it I can sort of do it--but, I started working on my thesis for 2 hours every-ish day in May or June, and it's really helped. I waste some days and don't go some days, but now that it gets down to doing, I feel confident that I can. As a friend of my noticed: "If you work on a hard thing every day it gets done-er." Miraculous feeling, but not.

So meeting with my adviser was a best of my week? The (quiet, maybe I'll start writing and will find it's unfounded) confidence I can get this done.

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  1. Who's the over-achiever now! That's my jealousy way of saying, "Go, Kjerstin. Go!"