Sunday, March 3, 2013

11 Weeks!

This week was nothing short of miraculous. James has worked and worked and worked on the thesis, overcoming the biggest logical hurdle of the project, one that's been gnawing at him since before he finished his prospectus, one that he thought might bring the whole paper down. But with a little extra research and a lot of hours logged and not a little inspiration (we count this as one of the miracles of this year), the way forward is clear. He has a section left to write, and probably a good measure of revising to do, but we're going to get this thing put to bed. Next stop: the future.

This has been a really great week for me too. I'm going back to work next week, and I had a visit from some of my pals that was a good reminder that things are going to be ok. I also found out that my assignment is going to change when I get back, which means less travel for now, but also I'll not be working with the folks I've been working with, which is a super bummer. I'm not sure what my next couple of months are going to look like--this could be a good thing or not so much. I'm hopeful, though. This week has also been really focusing. I've got together what I'd like this year to look like and, you guys, I feel so hopeful about the direction we're headed in. We're getting our act together and it feels good.

Also: Isaac! (Dubs? We're working on nicknames still) He can see! He smiles back at us and reaches for things and you can see his little wheels turning. He's also learning all about his voice--cooing and grunting especially and just charming. He's also learning to suck his thumb, adorable and helpful for calming himself down. About half the time he wakes up (after 8+ hours of sleep thank goodness) smiley and adorable, though he hates going to sleep and is usually up till 10 or 11. And he's growing like it's going out of style. I miss my little newborn (welcome to motherhood I guess?), though, really, he's just the best baby. Also his hair is starting to rub off in back. A minor tragedy. Check for new pics on tumblr (highlights: the Ballard eyebrow raise and more bearsuit action.

Our love,