Friday, March 11, 2011

Pat on the Back

This week I have:

Been up before 7 every day.
Gone running 4/5 days (maybe I'll go this afternoon just to round the numbers out).
Spent *hours* working on my thesis.
Replaced my extra-breakfast cocktail of diet coke+tums chaser with water and B vitamins.
Read lots of good things God had to say to people just like me.
Mostly really worked for 8 to 10 hours a day.
Tried again.

I'm feeling powerful (my looking smoking in my white oxford helps with this) and hopeful and not entirely in control of my life but coming to terms with that. Maybe.

I guess: yay for me! And: everything feels possible when the morning air smells like a little like the ocean and you can eat picnics on the grass. And: bring it on.

And: happy friday!



  1. I'm so happy for you!!! More glee soon? <3

  2. What? You can eat picnics on the grass? We still have snow on the ground. Good for you.

  3. I LOVE this! And I'm beginning to suspect that you should move somewhere with a longer sunny season. Warm weather seems to bring out good things in you (as does all the focused, determined effort that you've been putting forth). You rock my socks, no matter what, but there's something complementary between you and spring/summer.