Monday, February 7, 2011

Babies are everywhere.

I've been waiting for the last couple of years, watching for my biological clock to speak up. I hear stories, you know, of baby-hungriness in women my age, and I like babies plenty, but I've never felt like I must have babies or I'll surely die. This is a thing, too: I've wondered if that means I'm wrong or broken (I'm sort of taking the Broken Says Who tack lately, if you hadn't noticed), but I figure that my hormones will start speaking up when they feel like the time is right.

That being said: spring is in the air. Testimony meeting was def baby-flavored and also an old friend is posting pics of her new b.o.j.

I'm all for adorable. Is a thing.


  1. I always figured I would get I'ma-make-a-baby-or-kill-you-now when I was 38. I knew you were 38.

  2. Agreed. You are about 10 years too early for the clock to pipe up -- that is what I learned from "Baby Mama." Great movie by the way.