Monday, February 14, 2011

Avoidance tactics

(I missed my 100th post. I was going to do something. Gah.)

So lately I've been making lots of time for experimenting with food. And it's been kind of fantastic. (this would be better with pictures, but my camera is soo bad. Le sigh.)

Experiment #1: I've started working through The Bread Baker's Apprentice. Yesterday I did bagels. Based on my roommates reaction it was a success. I'd like to figure out how to do them whole wheatier and also prettier. I had one that was kind of lovely (I ate it on my way to school this morning), but the rest looked a little like zombies. But. Fresh homemade bagels. I can do that.

Experiment #2: Caramel. (I'm trying to change the way I say this word. I've always been a carml kind of girl, but caramel sounds much prettier.) We used a sweetened condensed milk-based recipe and sort of eyed it instead of using a candy thermometer, and used corn syrup that expired in 2008 and was *definitely* fermented (don't tell my roommates?) but/and it turned out great. Caramel is sort of my favorite candy--chewy and creamy and perfect, and I got to share it with gluten-intolerant roommate #2. Next time I think I'll add more salt? And maybe play with pecans or other flavors? I also really want to try honey-flavored candy because it's delicious.

My friend Skoticus once posted about how the things you use to avoid really important and interesting things are also usually interesting and important. (Maybe not important. But interesting.) :)


  1. I still live by those words, how I am reading your blog instead of grading papers or reading for tomorrow's classes. Your blog is certainly more interesting, and arguably more important. Maybe. It'd be a fun argument, anyhow.

    I love the Bread Baker's Apprentice...getting it for Andrew for Christmas was the best thing I've ever done. What will happen when I no longer live with him? Who will make me fresh bread? He hasn't done the bagels yet, maybe I will convince him to give them a try.

  2. dude i TOTALLY just missed my 100th post too!! my post today was my 101st. dang...

  3. i let my 100th post go last week because i couldn't think of anything to do with it. maybe i should have gone all 100th-day-of-school-style and done a day of posts about...hundreds?