Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Why Kjerstin, that wouldn't be a 7 foot Noble Pine immaculately lit and lovingly decorated behind you, would it?"
"Yes, that's precisely what it is."

What can I say? When it comes to Christmas trees, I don't mess around.


  1. haha, i love this post. it's so cute. well done with the tree. makes me want to get one, too.

  2. I am a little jealous... our tree is small, mostly because we don't have very many ornaments yet.

  3. I love your little egg ornament in the background. I just put up one very like it on my own tree this week.

    Also, I keep planning to call you and when I go to do so, I realize that your number is not in my phone. How is that possible? I'll email. And maybe we can talk sometime soon.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. You are utterly adorable. I love this photo.

  5. This picture makes me want you to wear big BIG earrings all the time. Because those ornaments look kind of like earrings and I kind of like that look on you.