Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Have we talked about how much I love finals week? Particularly in the winter. It feels so festive and indulgent and yes I'm writing this post, even now, instead of researching, and I'm not looking forward to my late night tonight and the thudding realization that I'm going to have to rewrite (I expect that to hit just about the time I meet with my professor Thursday morning. But then I'll have a free day Friday! To write and dink around online and eat another breakfast sandwich from the Twilight Zone--Asiago cheese bagel, toasted, plus 2 eggs, sausage patty, American cheese--utterly disglicious) but. For now I'm going to keep working on the 3 candy canes I bought this morning, maybe I'll get myself some lunch in a minute, and look forward to hanging out next to my Christmas tree tonight. With clementines? Hot cocoa? Love.

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  1. i had forgotten about those bagels until just now. i must come to provo to get one as soon as i can. so good.