Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best of the Week: the joy of sisters

Another great week. Another highlight:

Anne called me over (our water heater was out for 3 days this week and she offered her facilities. Luckily for me I only showered once all three days and wore the exact same outfit for two of them. Heart finals week), cajoled with a "I have something for you." What you should know about Anne is that she is great at presents. Even tiny pre-Christmas things she picks up because they were cheap end up being perfect. I think the result of being super empathetic and a great shopper? And I needed some Scout+Church time and hadn't seen Anne for weeks.

Christmas is up at her house and her tree is beautiful and Scout was showing off and Church was being giggling and charming (he's not quite crawling yet, but dragging himself along the carpet like a champ). I commented on a very lovely ornament (we have a thing with peace doves) on the tree. And Anne laughed and we kept talking and later, when Anne pulled out of a bag somewhere "the little something" she'd picked up for me it was an exact replica of the ornament that had caught my eye.

Dear my family: I love (knowing) you (so well).

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