Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saying yes (and no) to Summer

Spring was unpleasantly busy. Sometimes pleasant, but mostly not and I promised myself that summer would be different. Yes I'm teaching and working on my thesis, but my hours are much more flexible and, um, salaried. I am saying yes to summer.

Yes to rock climbing (and I cleaned a route--which isn't the right way to say that, but it was sort of scary and I did it). Yes to sleeping out. Yes to rope swinging (pics to come I think), on the high branch. Yes to friends. Yes to family.

And no too: I've given up Facebook and sugar and Diet Coke. Two-and-a-half-days and counting and no coke. This is a big deal. And I feel great.

Because summer is going to be fun, dammit. And awesome. :) And already is.


  1. How long are you planning on giving up facebook? - I guess i just saw that you broke your fast.... but how long were you planning on it? I gave it up for lent and it was fantastic. Best thing I ever did

  2. I would've given FB up until like September. And when my phone gets here I think I'll sign off again. Because right? It eats my life.