Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best of the week:

My best-of-the-week was all week (well, starting Tuesday afternoon I think. I might have cried over kickball on Monday. Because I'm in 2nd grade.) I might not always cheat (by writing about more than one thing, which is the rule), but today I am. And with good reason: this week was awesome. To wit:

  • Tuesday: My prof says "this [explication of gnarled psychoanalytic theory] really comes naturally to you, doesn't it?" It does not, but the compliment felt great.
  • Wednesday: Greek food+friend+great convo
  • Wednesday#2: the most beautiful evening ever.
  • Thursday: Help the Verb! A game I made up (think hot lava+grammar book+water gun) to help the kid I tutor get a grip on his helping verbs.
  • Thursday#2: A second convo with my prof about the paper I should maybe be writing right this minute goes really well. I'm excited to get into my sources and play around. And I've been really pleased with the types of things I've been coming up with, the fact that the paper is due in 50 hours and is officially unbegun notwithstanding.
  • Thursday#3: A conversation with an old friend over Noodles+Co. synthesizes a lot of things I've been chewing on lately. God loves me. And everyone. And thinks I'm doing a great job. And is into the things I'm into. And isn't trying to trick me.
  • Thursday#4: I fell into Walking Club and we found a guy baking pizza in his own pizza oven that he built in his back yard and it was incredible. And I made some new friends.
  • Friday: I got to play with my nephews and it was soo fun. Cookies and hide-and-seek and swords and I fell asleep at 9:30 which was awesome. They are old enough now (4, 8, 12) that there's no almost-marble-swallowing or tantrums or crying (mostly. I think Max cried a time or two, but then I played Lego Indiana Jones with him and he forgot that anything was bothering him).
  • Saturday: More nephews. A sushi date.
  • Saturday#2: Dinner+Daria with my favorite people. Green chile and garlic mayo+roasted corn on the cob. The kind of teasing that only siblings and great friends can pull off. And Daria is just as awesome as you remember.
  • Sunday (! are you tired yet? This is ridiculous!): I had my RS teachers over for a training/lesson preview. We had fruit and muffins and some insightful conversation.
And this all was only the beginning. Changes are afoot. And probably I'll be grumpy again later and things will be hard or whatever. But. Awesome. This week was awesome.



  1. Best auntie ever. Love the new blog. It's bright and happy.

    Also. Your best of the week list makes me a little hungry. Yum.

  2. It *is* sort of food-heavy isn't it? It was a great week for eats, what can I say? ;)

  3. Great new blog, I really liked winterberry as well. Mostly I just like your writing. And you (duh.)

  4. welcome to the sunny side of the internet! (you're still allowed to be rainy too,'s beautiful too.)

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  6. I love your photo: open receptive giving! The real you is emerging.