Sunday, August 28, 2011

Promises I fully intend to keep:

1. Indepth photo-heavy posts re: the wedding and the honeymoon.
2. Regular updates on our lives.
3. A photo tour of the new place.
4. Lots of sappy comments about how fantastic James is. :)

But, the internet in the hotel is real slow (and our photographer is starting school next week). And we're scheduled to sign a lease tomorrow afternoon, but we're going to see a house built in 1912, newly renovated, prairie style (30 minutes away from work and 45 from Madison) tomorrow morning that may ruin everything.

James, however, is fantastic. And bearded. And charming. And fun to hold hands with at church.

This week:
Apartment searching. A lot of dingy cream-colored townhomes. Some smokey, some pet-smelling, some fine but sort of soulless? I found out after 3 or 4 Craiglist postings that "charming" gets me every time. It's been fine--we've had some success just out and driving around. We've spent most of our time in Verona (Hometown USA), where my job is, which is a little town (10,000), very charming, renaissancing. Lots of trees and delicious eats (more later). But we're also looking at the surrounding areas. Mt. Horeb ("the troll capital of the world") is smaller, 15 minutes down the road and delightful. Mt. Horeb is probably where we'll end up.

Eating. Culvers (home of the Butter Burger if you can imagine) was the big Verona success--a small chain (3-4 locations), killer custard and a pot roast sandwich that I could eat every day of the week. James started throwing around the word "obesity", but I'm not certain what he's referring to. We also tried the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb. I got the brat burger (served w/sauerkraut and a side of spicy mustard) and wondered why it's taken me 28 years to come to Wisconsin.

Driving. It's crazy beautiful here. So wooded it looks a little jungly, lakes around every corner, rolling corn-y hills. Love love love. We took a drive out to Tyrol Basin, the local ski area (also charming :) ) and stopped by Little Norway--we didn't take the 1 hr tour (full of local history and family anecdotes) to see the 5,000 Norwegian artifacts, but I did decide where I was going to prep for Christmas. (Unfortunately the Scandinavian influence has not helped anyone pronounce my name correctly, but.)

If all goes well we'll be in our new place next Sunday. Until then: much love and we're safe and happy and etc. :)


  1. Oh Culvers! We have that in St. Louis! haha. pretty darn good! And it sounds amazing- I can't wait to visit you guys one day! And I also can't wait for pictures!

  2. So good to hear how nice it is there! Hope you find "your place" soon!

  3. I had every intention of getting your photos done before starting school this week...

    But! I am more than half done already, and can probably get this finished this week. It's on my to-do list.

    I'll keep you posted...

  4. Mmmmm. Butter Burgers.

    Second Hand CHicks

  5. Hi, got your message. Thanks! I love this post because it's kind of how I feel about RI. No billboards on the way to work, trees trees trees everywhere, feels like I'm driving into a troll cave on the way to URI. Obesity likely with Dunkin Donuts and deep fried seafood (I'm not as classy as you) on every street. Heaven.

  6. Told ya! I love it that you love WI (and Culvers, which is a thing. I'm sure that there are more than 3-4 branches). I'm so excited to hear more about your adventures in this lovely, forest jungle of a state.