Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wisconsin: also a thing.

So we started out 3 days later than we anticipated (but well rested and brilliantly packed). And when in the middle of Nebraska the flat, open, west began being filled up with trees and was suddenly and certainly midwestern I felt a twinge of panic. And when we crossed the Mississippi into Wisconsin, even though it was entirely gorgeous, the "west of the Mississippi" in me felt a lot like throwing up. We may just have moved across the country. Out of Utah for the first time, really. (Hurrah/wtf!)

But. We're here! And safe! And a lot excited.

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  1. Hey! We're moving to Rhode Island on Friday. I wish we had time to drive, but we had to be there on 8/29 for the first day of work. I'm glad you made it safely! This is why I didn't come to your garage sale--the moving company came a few days ago to pack all our stuff and the number of boxes made me want to throw up. Too. Much. Stuff. We'll miss you. Your wedding party was the coolest I've ever seen.