Sunday, September 11, 2011

(Mid) Western Girl

Some things about Wisconsin:

1. I thought I knew some things about spiders. We have them in Utah! And they get me all squirmy! But I can kill them if necessary. Then I went into the basement of our house (we signed a lease for a 2 bedroom attic apartment with a little storage, yellow walls, and new carpet. It's downtown Mt. Horeb and *adorable*)--there were several examples of several *species* of spiders. All with webs with bugs in them. These spiders are not messing around.
Also: House Centipedes. Are a real thing. And they look like this:
And James found one *in our house* under our bed! (Which is a pile of blankets and foam rubber!) Eeew eeew eew.

2. I also thought I knew a thing or two about big powerful thunderstorms, but last week (the first night in our house, actually) we had a storm that looked like one giant lightening bolt--like a wonky strobe light (I wrote "slightly wonky" first, then deleted the qualifier because we're listening to the Hunger Games and if Suzanne Collins uses another adverb I'm going to poke myself in the eye). And the alley behind our house turned into a river and the next day was gorgeous, if a little muggy.

3. There are lakes here, and forests. A lot of magical--we went camping with some folks from our ward this weekend and it was lovely. And we forgot our camera.

And. I started my job and it's going well. A lot of training. A really great and cheap cafeteria.



  1. We've got heaps of those creepy creatures in Boston. They were definitely new to my Western eyes and nerves. Also, are you teaching for your job?!