Monday, January 31, 2011

bullet blog

Lately I'm feeling a little, mmm, scattered. In order to keep from wasting much narrative energy on this post I think I'll write about some things I've been spending time/energy on lately. Slash been obsessed with.

1. Grits. I didn't anticipate this but a) the grits at Joe's Cafe (go and get them. Tomorrow for breakfast. They are very delicious/unlike any grits I've ever tasted) and b) a surprisingly delicious Bahamian dish, tuna fish and grits, which James has been experimenting with lately (it's supposed to be made with tuna+hot sauce, but is really good with soy sauce instead or barbecue sauce or canned turkey instead of tuna. It sounds weird, but butter+grits+plus anything is bound to be good) has sort of got me hooked. I sat in my breakfast nook this afternoon ruminating over a bowl of grits with butter and honey and feeling pretty good about my life.

2. Baby animals. This isn't a lately so much, but look. (eek!)

3. Bread. I bought The Bread Baker's Apprentice (did I mention this? And stayed up till the tiny hours reading?) and threw a pizza party and have been thinking a lot about/spending a lot of time making bread. I have pizza dough hanging out in my fridge right now--and when does that ever happen? I sort of love it.

4. Parties. Are sort of a feast and famine scenario for me. I did one last semester (which, actually, turned out fantastically) but am working on my third big production for this weekend. And am considering a Valentine's Day party with some friends. I *love* food/parties, don't get me wrong, but. My poor roommates and poor messy kitchen (I'm doing a soul-food based meal for my ward this weekend: sweet potato waffles, pomegranate bbq pulled pork, red cabbage slaw, double-decker red velvet cakelets. I effing love this stuff) and also poor James. He's made me promise to get help cleaning up. And to do something fun afterward. I am bad, still, at being simultaneously nice and in productive party mode.

5. James. Has been around for 7 months. Is adorable and makes me want to do nothing but stare at him.

6. Avoiding my thesis. If I spent half the time I spend avoiding writing on actually writing I'd have the fellow done. Or nearly. Grrrrm.

7. February? wtf?



  1. This post reminded me of the good times I had going to your Saturday morning breakfast socials back in good ol' 2003/2004. I feel like you had a clever name for them . . . what was it?

  2. This all sounds fantastic.

    I bought Andrew the Bread Baker's Apprentice for Christmas 2009. The best investment I ever made. The pictures are so pretty, and the bread is awesome.

    Good luck with the soul food. That sounds great.

  3. cooking is a really really really amazing thing for various reasons.

  4. First of all, WHAT THE WHAT!!!!!! That soul food sounds FANTASTIC, and I want some. What do you put in your purple cabbage slaw? I have one too--it renders the sauce into a bright, flourescent pink. And Pomegranate+Pork? And Waffles+Sweet Potatoes? It's like you looked into my soul and discovered deep, dark food combination secrets that I never knew I was meant to discover. Send recipes ASAP!

    And to 6 and 7 AMEN, Sista!

    ("Hey, sista, soul sista, better get that flo, sista . . . ")

  5. I feel the same way about cleaning my house as you do about your thesis. Ugh. Glad to hear form you again!!! James is brilliant about the cleaning and doing something fun after. Make it happen!!

  6. dang, i want to go to your parties!