Friday, January 14, 2011

Financial Savvy

This semester I'm taking a class called Family Finance. Because I'm a grown up.

This is the calculator I bought.

Because it was the cutest one. Very 70s-accountant-chic, right?

(This is the sort of thing that gives economist stepdad Dave ulcers. :) )


  1. You're holding it upside down. Just wanted to make sure you knew that...

  2. but you can say "hi" on your calculator. What's worrying about that?

  3. Don't you think it should be mandatory to take at least one class like that before a person graduates from college? Or from high school, for that matter.

  4. Are you taking it from Dr I.? He's my favorite.

  5. Marge: I love appliances that talk.

    Katie: Right? I totally agree. I feel like a better human being already.

    Kathy: yes'm. And he seems very nice.