Thursday, October 14, 2010

On Alyssa

So I'm waiting for the go-ahead on my prospectus. Which means I have some time on my hands. For doing Important Internet Research. On Alyssa Milano. (Could I fit another sentence fragment in this post?)

Did you know she's a chart-topper in Japan?

That she had a running gag going with internet superstar du jour?

That she's in a new movie? I know someone involved in its production, and it's sort of fascinating: is this a local production (sort of looks like SLC, right)? How much do you pay Beau Bridges (Carol Kane?) to be in your film? Is Alyssa playing her age (nearly 40) in this film, or not?

Anyway. Back to grading. Or whatever.


  1. i'm kinda curious as to why you were researching alyssa....?

  2. I was Facebook stalking some old friends and I saw the trailer for that movie. And one thing led to another?