Monday, October 11, 2010


So. I've been having a down-ish week--stressed a little and blah a lot and, you, know, surviving some. I've constructed a playlist to match (included. I wasn't going to build it in the name of getting things done. haha. :) ) I named it "Haunting" and when I listen it feels a little like my soul curling up in a down comforter and spending the afternoon watching rain fall or something. Kind of gorgeous, but I'm beginning to wonder how much time my soul ought to spend in bed...that is, I think my playlist is speaking the feelings of my soul, but I wonder whether my soul would be quite so lethargic feeling if I was listening to something a little peppier?

=This is me trying to take responsibility for my life and mood.

=grumple {distressed face}.


  1. grumple is the best word i've heard/read all day

  2. i love the song tonight. and i'm having one of these kinds of days today. not sure how much melancholy to take on and languish in...

  3. Marge: delightful.

    TinTin: I totally stole it from you. Thank you thank you.