Thursday, June 9, 2011

Even if I'm not talking about wedding things, I'm thinking about them.

So. This couple of weeks might be the best and most formative of my entire life. Details as they solidify, but I've been only just overcoming the urge to pinch myself often and hard.

And wedding plans are in motion. I have a place, a dress, a date; invites, flowers, and food are in the works; I printed out a couple of calendars for to keep track of the appointments, showers, parties that are planned more and less tentatively. I feel like it's been a great productive week. And James and I are surviving the constant rumble of wedding noise--we're heading out to California this weekend to celebrate one of his best friends' weddings (Armenian style. Vai I'm so excited.)

And I keep having these great conversations with friends. A great week.

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