Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anniversary for realz.

So. James and I have been dating for an entire year (this actually happened early yesterday morning: we started dating like we start other important things, with a late-night conversation). I, for one, can not believe that this is a real thing, but am very happy that it is.

He is so good to me.
 Plus hilarious.
Plus nice.
 Also adorable.
Happy one year! (And to many many more!)

(Thanks to my old and great friend Meikel. The shoot was a dream and these pictures are a genius.)


  1. I love this a million times over.

  2. You look incredible. I love your choice of outfit too. So stylish.

  3. These pics are fabulous and you look amazing. Love does you good. ;)

  4. You two are meant to be! How dazzlingly beautiful. Cant wait for wedding announcements! I like the new blog look too. Very cool.

  5. I remember this well because you told me the day before I left for Paraguay and swore me to secrecy. Just as you swore all the rest of my roommates to their own, individual secrecy...

  6. I got your announcement last week. Love it! It is perfect. Can't wait to show it to my parents when they visit this weekend:)