Sunday, May 1, 2011

Best of the Week

This summer's a toughy: anxiety about my life and monsters of one form or another nibbling at my ears. Toward the end of the week I was so exhausted thinking about and avoiding it all that I could hardly get out of bed.

But I did. And headed down to central Utah for my first canyoneering trip. This stuff is James' bread and butter and it was a lot of fun to scurry up and down and around the slot canyons. The icey, dark dip we took toward the end (we were all of us making inhuman noises and sprinting for the sun) was less fun, but still awesome.

Awesome was what I needed too: huge blue sky, ridiculously gorgeous landscape, some good challenging adventure. It's weird/great how feeling tiny and tired can help your feet back on the ground.



  1. I feel the same way about my life right now, so much stress!!! Good thing we are going camping this weekend, hopefully that will help!

  2. I am glad you got a nice break - you deserve it.

  3. That's so great! I think I may need something like this. Hmmmmmmm . . .