Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So, Rooster has closed (I know there were a lot of fans. I am not that sad about it because I feel like I could defrost dumplings just as effectively and more economically, though I never tried the bulgogi [is this the thing they had? Or sandwiches or something?] there and I'm pretty disappointed about that) and in it's place there's a new Indian place: Noodles, burgers, etc. I should wait to write this review until I know the name. But. Am. Not. Doing that.

I'm excited about it: it's nice without feeling precious or boutique-y, it's ethnic without stepping on downtown Provo's already diverse downtown lineup, it's really tastey and this is the thing, it feels like a real place. Not another cupcake bakery or artsy (=unhardy/pretend/wilted) cafe, I feel like this place has staying power because its food is real and interesting; it seems like food that an actual Indian person might actually eat (I could be wrong. I have a conflicting idea that actual Indians have access to every day culinary perfection that we can only sort of imagine. But.). And they spent more time thinking about what to put in their food than in designing their concept and menus. Poorly designed menus seem like a very good sign.

The food: quick and Indian. The noodles I got (I was very excited for a noodle bar, I've been craving good noodles for at least two years, ever since my own noodle experiment ended up with me curled up on a cold bathroom floor swearing off fish sauce forever. eef) were disappointing: a little too La Choy-y tasting for me. But James's potato-garbanzo bean dish (#5. Their most popular. Again, if I knew I was going to write a review I would've paid more attention) was delish. Fast and spicy and warm and perfect.

The food seems heavy-ish and rewarmed and in that sense not everyday fare, but I'd like to explore this menu more. You should too. Let me know how it goes, yes?

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  1. I drove past a new place in SoJo (bbcause that's what the cool kids call it) yesterday billing itself as "Indian street food". I think you and I should check it, don't you?