Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweater Weather

Yesterday the 10-day forecast was full to the gills of sun and 80-degree weather. I was supposed to be happy (such a gorgeous September!) but. I've been known to resist happiness. And. I hit JCrew pretty hard last week (slash it hit me, why are pretty things so pricey?) and bulked up my sweater collection. And. It's fall. I love the fall. I'll be mad when it snows but I think I'm ready for the fall.

Today: sporadic rain (what's the rain equivalent of a snow flurry?). Cooling everything down. Thanks the universe.

Oh. And something else: it might be that my life is awesome and blessed and I have most things under control (enough at least) and what's in order is not overriding change but, like, a deep breathe and a leisurely afternoon hike and a sigh of appreciation/relief. (Did this conclusion really take me by surprise? Again? Grrm.)

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