Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Give it a whirl

What I want this post to express:

--prospectus=very stressful (do your joints ever tense up from stress? You can't make any sudden movements and even your eyes sort of ache?)

--Cool stuff that happened today: James saved my life once. Trent (prof/graduate coordinator/friend) the second time (he gave me some very good and practical advice and the conclusion was that I might have something new to say about Dickinson. Which is news to me and terribly encouraging. I got a rough rough draft of something down (thanks again Trent!) and Susan liked it. A lot. And gave me some good advice. And so now we're moving forward.

--Something about stress relief techniques: diet coke (and the friendly girls at Crest). Slab. Chocolate in all forms. This blog which I'm not going to be ashamed of subscribing to because it's adorable and sometimes you need some baby foxes/mongeese/otters in your day. Great friends.

--Something also about the waxing/waning sense that Heavenly Father doesn't, in fact, have it out for me and is, in fact, working in and through my life in ways I didn't/can't/anticipate. This is very cool.

This is all the energy I have for a post right now so maybe you can add some wittiness and depth? In your mind? :)

Loves, ke

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