Saturday, November 2, 2013

And we're out...

This last couple of weeks has been *exhausting.* Great, and fun, and productive, but: I started a new job--Target for the holidays, I'm usually in a 6 which means up at 5, Isaac has stopped sleeping through the night by himself (grm), James has been waiting anxiously for his license to go through so he can get to work for real, and the Texas Ballards threw an enormous, elaborate Halloween party to which I've dedicated (delightedly) most of my free time.

The upsides (and there are a lot): Target has been really nice to me. It's nice, for a moment, to be overqualified and entirely prepared for a job. They've been great about working with our schedule and have me working good positions (not so much with customers which is nice), and it's nice to have somewhere to be every day.
Isaac has cute new teeth, and is working on a couple more, it looks like. He only had is two bottom ones for so long, and these top 4 have come in w/in a month of each other.
James is licensed! It's a **huge** weight off our shoulders--he can start taking on clients for real (he's done cotherapy up to now), getting a pay check, etc. Plus he's been calling the state licensing office twice a week following up with paper work. Done. Done and done. He's bona fide!
And Halloween was brilliant. We ended up with a Harry potter theme--James hung 150 candles from the ceiling, Danny (brother) and kids put together spooky stuff outside (including a dementor on a zipline and corpse in the pool, it was so brilliant), and I worked on food. In case you were wondering, a good butterbeer uses cream soda and homemade butterscotch syrup. It was silly. We had 100-ish people show up; a good time was had by all. [I dressed Isaac up as the snitch. I just couldn't be more pleased with myself--he was so so adorable.]

Speaking of the baby: he's doing great. He loves crawling, trying new food, and cuddles. He's into all cabinets (with a penchant for forbidden things), can pull things off low tables and counters, is still calling everything/one Da! but I think really says Dad! and Hi! Today he was nodding at me so enthusiastically (what he does when he's delighted) that he fell over backwards. He was also great considering some weird hours and late nights. I just love this kid.

Ok, speak of the devil, someone needs some loves. :)


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