Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week of 9/1

Ok. Let's give this a try.

The hands-down highlight of this week: James took his national exam, and, though we won't get his score for 4 weeks (we're all appalled by this--I'm not certain the administrators know that computers are really good at this stuff), he felt good about it and has consistently gotten passing scores on practice exams. He worked so so hard studying, and it was admirable and awesome, but meant we had little time for anything else. But he's done! He also met with his new boss for the first time and attended a group session and is starting to get into the swing. I couldn't be happier--we've been working toward this for so long, it's nice to start to see the fruit.

I have been enjoying developing a routine. Like we run and plan every morning. I wash dishes as James puts Isaac down every night. It's exactly the blissful mundanity that I've been looking forward to. And I love it. I hung some pictures this week, am getting to know our local fauna--I worry over the spider webs every day: if I leave them there will be fewer bugs, if I clean them my house will feel clean--we had Karen and Danny over for our first dinner. I get bored, I haven't quite hit my groove, but I'm getting there.

Isaac is just getting smarter and more precocious and charming. He's found the door stoppers and not only scoots as fast as possible to twang them, but I noticed once that an overly innocent face was hiding a full mouth which ended up being the rubber end; he can also twist them out of their brackets, so we have to watch him carefully with those any more. His schedule has settled enough that I can put him in his crib to fall asleep at more-or-less predictable times. I read in a parenting book that chicken bones are fun for teething and he *loves* them. I imagine him saying "Wait! This is food?! You guys get to eat this stuff!?" No walking and no knee-crawling yet, but he can pull himself up and get where he needs to go. And though he is starting to understand that he shouldn't just crawl off the bed, we heard him crying when he was supposed to be napping to find him on the floor tangled in his monitor cord. Exactly what a parent wants to see.

So: happy, settling, ready for the next adventure.


(I was going to post pics, but this is *ridiculous*. Tumblr it is.)


  1. You're blogging again yay! Please post pictures.

    1. I know it's another place to look, but has the latest and greatest pics. Maybe I'll link off my main page; but he's so cute!