Sunday, August 12, 2012

The ususal.

So James is in Utah getting his analysis on. I'm glad he's got good momentum and so happy that he can spend some time with friends and family and really I've been gone the last 4 days out of 10 (which will look more like 15 out of 28 by the time the month is over), so I'm for the most part content. But of course I miss my husband. I know that people do this long term, and I guess we *could*, but I think this month is instilling the importance of not spending a month ever again if we can avoid it. He's so nice, is the thing. And fun to hang around. And do things with.

But despite the downer, this weekend has been pretty nice:

Friday I heard both Lando's heartbeat and his foot, I think, kicking at the dopler wand (it sounded like dropping/bumping a microphone. And like this little man has excellent aim). I got to eat Noodles with Amanda and commiserate about some things and lounge in companionable co-busy-ness.

Saturday I bought books at a yard sale and weeded our little garden (and got bitten by mosquitoes and did *not* get poison ivy after all). I spent some time on Pinterest (not so much that I wanted to puke) and used up some kale and oven roasted some corn.

The highlight of today was movie day w/my primary kids. I brought popcorn and mini bottles of root beer (which apparently is the very most direct way into a kids' heart) and got hugs and cheers. Sweet potato, thank you notes, laundry.

Tomorrow I leave for Phoenix where I will meet my long-lost husband (woot) and do some work things.

And that is the end. :)


  1. Separation is hard, no matter how many times you've done it.

  2. Haha, in response to your comment, it was my climax of physical pain, because I had an epidural at birth. Epidural=no pain. Don't worry, not everyone has a hard time with breastfeeding. Hopefully you won't!

    Aaaaaand, the pain is gone now. That week felt like an eternity for me, but it passed. :)